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Episode 14……Sexual Identity

Roxann runs the show in this episode ,and aks Keith about how he developed his sexual identity. The conversation shifts to Roxann sharing her thoughts as well.

Episode 13… The Drive by…..Live podcast from The Museum of Science in Boston with Jennie Mai Jenkins from the Emmy award winning show The Real

Keith and Roxann chop it up Live in front of a sold out audience 10/21/21)from The Science Museum in Boston Massachusetts with the Emmy Award winning Co-Host from the daytime talk show The Real, Jeannie Mai Jenkins. The trio talk about the self work Jeannie did to be able to receive love from her Husband Rapper Young Jeezy. Keith and Roxann also talk about their choice to have or not have children as a survivors of sexual abuse. 

Special announcement for our Followers

Keith and Roxann make a special announcement!

Episode 11……Self care Keith…..Self care

Keith and Roxann chop it up about their Self care techniques.

Episode 10…..That Social Work Life

Keith and Roxann break down some of stress of being a Social Worker, and the effects on Roxann’s mood.

Episode 9 It’s about us…….

Keith and Roxann kick it about going to Therapy, and how individual self care is critical to their relationship.

Episode 8 what’s up Rox?………Part 2

Keith and Roxann continue to process what the hell is going on with Roxann. Rox digs deep and talks about Body image.

Episode 7 what’s up Rox?………

Keith and Roxann talk about what the hell is going on with Roxann. It started before they left the house, continued in the car, and now in the studio. The real real will be spoken.

Episode 6 How We Met Part 4….. The Chace Continues

Keith and Roxann kick it about  how Roxann’s pursuit of keith ramped up after UMASS, and how Keith  had  to process when his abuse got in the way of a past relationship.


Episode 5 How we met Part 3…..

Keith and Roxann  continue to give  the 411 of how they met, and dive into how Keith’s trauma made him uncomfortable with Roxann’s advances.

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